Just a Quick Little Post

I have REALLY good news.

But first, I’m writing my post before I get side tracked. I’m  scatterbrained due to lack of caffeine. In fact, I just stood up to make coffee and forgot what I was doing, then picked Ares up when he looked all pitiful and rejected and weirded out because the house is rearranged.

I’m bones-deep into my graduate class, working a new job at Walmart, and I just got a new Macbook Pro. I’m posting from it right now.

I think I need to make a To-Do list, like we’ve been talking about in class for the past week or so. My current class has nothing to do with English and is an introductory course for new graduate students. It’s kind of cool, because we’re looking at things like time management and research skills. More or less, it feels like a refresher class to me since I was doing this stuff four years ago at EKU, but it still will come in handy, I’m certain. I’m crap at staying organized.

It must be doing something for me. I have been working on creating a master doc in Scrivener for my new series. I’m posting a little about it here and there in Twitter but I’m not ready to formally announce titles or show the covers to anyone except a select few. Yes, I already ordered them. This story has been rattling around in my brain like a wild buck for over three years now. It will be a series of novellas. I’m pretty excited about it. I might tease things here or there. For now, I’m calling it the Linen series.

But anyway, yeah… I need to learn how to make To-Do lists and learn how to properly plot out a book. Maybe I can avoid stuff like this in future NaNo Novels if I start planning them out: [GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND FIGURE OUT WHAT THIS CHARACTER’S NAME IS. WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS SCENE? WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU MEAN THERE? THIS NOVEL SUCKKKKSSS.]

Yes, I have legitimately written stuff like that. I think we all have, as writers. You know, I think I deleted something exactly like that from Cheap Sunglasses.

I digress. I think I even forgot what else I was originally going to write about this time. See? I need to even probably line these posts out. Bah, I’m going to get coffee for me and a carrot for Ares.

OH. Yes. Cheap Sunglasses is finished. I’m waiting my editor to work on it, and then I will be publishing it. I’m hoping for this to happen sometime in August.

Well, Ares just took off. That’s my cue to hush up and get to the actual writing…after I catch him.

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