Warning: I’ve been on a Buffy binge.

There are weeks where it’s just…Meh.

It’s Beer Bad, Fire Pretty! Or all I want to do is lie around and beat up monsters on Final Fantasy XV or giggle at Zidane’s antics with Dagger in Final Fantasy IX. 

In other words, weeks when I’m not writing. I read something on Colleen Hoover’s Facebook group the other day where she said there’s not really something called writer’s block. She called it a creative lull–because obviously, if I had an actual writer’s block, I wouldn’t be starting this blog right now at almost 3 am. I’ve always prescribed to the mentality that writer’s block doesn’t exist, even though I may use it from time to time. When you say “…I’m blocked,” editors freak out, soundboards listen, and mothers can be persuaded to drive all the way down to Shellmart just to get you some freakin’ beef jerky.

But–point, I liked that term. Creative lull. It fits me perfectly when I’m in the middle of writing a new book. Sometimes I can get it done in three months, sometimes it might take me an entire damn year. I will never be an author who can get a book out in a month, not that I am trying to insult anyone who has. If you can, you’re a fucking rock god or goddess.

This week has been a major meh week for me. A creative lull. I laid around and did nothing but watch Buffy. Okay, in my defense, I am analyzing one of the episodes for my language class for my graduate program. But I also got hit with a medical issue…a tooth abscess, of all the things. I’m not afraid to publicly speak about what is going on in my life, even though I don’t talk about all of it. But this has been one of the most painful, frustrating weeks I’ve had in a long time, and I felt like finally getting out of my bed and doing something about it rather than feeling bad for myself.

And are you cringing yet? Dental issues? Yeah. Me too.

I take care of my teeth. Or I try to, anyway. I’m pretty sure all that coffee I drink isn’t good for them, and I had a orange soda earlier and about spat it out. My grandfather had to go to the ER for a tooth abscess too, and I’m like…Okay, universe! What’s the next thing you’re throwing at us? I’m a firm believer in the power of three.

I digress. I’m just in a creative lull at the moment, even though Cheap Tricks has made a steady progress. I recently purchased a refurbished iMac, and oh my, is the big screen big and fun to write with in full screen on Scrivener.

So, my entire point to this: what do you guys do when you hit a creative lull? Usually for me, it’s to knit, watch Buffy, and cuddle the dogs. I’m starting to feel better enough that I can sit at the computer long enough to write (since I adopted a Mastiff, there is no sitting in the bed with the laptop since Hank insists on cuddles). I just don’t like not writing.

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