Slayer: Review

I’m still not sure if I can forgive the coffee scene.

I originally made a spot where I would post my reviews of books, but it’s been a while and I kind of forgot about it. My bad! But this is a book that absolutely warrants a book review because I couldn’t put it down and lost about two days of writing to.

It’s Slayer, by Kiersten White.

I’m just gonna post my Goodreads review and leave it at that:
I’m going to try not to be spoilery.

I am a big Buffy fan. In fact, my ex-husband told me that if I didn’t like Buffy while we were dating, that he would leave me. I got both the Buffy and the Angel DVDs in the divorce…that’s how much I loved the show.

I adored the weird movie that was kind of messed up from the original producers before the show was created with Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy. I’ve read most of the after-TV series comics, too. So I knew Buffy broke magic. I knew things about Giles, and how Faith was doing, and what Angel had been up to. I think that in order to read this book, you should at least have Google on-hand if it’s been a while since you’ve watched the show or read the comics. I even knew who Nina’s father was.

But Nina is a new Slayer. You keep hearing things about reboots for the show. They want to totally recast Buffy. They want to do another movie. They want to do this, they want to do that. I LOVE this universe, so I would take it in any way that I can. But that Nina and Artemis had an actual connection to Buffy because of their father? That was brilliant. I didn’t like some of Nina’s initial reactions or preconceptions about Buffy because I love her so–and I will FOREVER be a huge B/A shipper–and the end of the book squelched any true annoyances I might have had with Nina before.

Although I don’t know if I can forgive the coffee scene.

Regardless, this is an excellent book. I think someone who hasn’t ever seen the show can read it, but you may want to bring up some information about the show and comics if anything confuses you if you don’t want to feel out of the loop. This is a new book series that I feel will grow into its own when given enough time. And I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book.

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