Just a Small Heads Up

I’m excited about this term. Not only because MFA 604: Finding and Reaching an Audience is one final stepping stone before I take my thesis courses (I’m thinking I’ll graduate in September 2020–woohoo!), but because I will actually be learning more about building my author platform. 🙂 I already know the basics, and it has worked to a degree, but I would love for more people to read my work. Though I will say the relaunch of Cheap Guitars is doing amazing. Oh, speaking of which, here’s the cover and Amazon Link!

Cheap Guitars - Website Ed.

That being said, for this course, we are required to build a WordPress website. I will not be doing that. I will be using my already-established page–my instructor seemed fine with it. There’s a chance I might have to change a few things around so my blog fits my course needs/rubric (I’m not anywhere near ready to let go of that 3.9 GPA I’ve prided myself in for so long).

I’m also gearing up for NaNoWriMo, which starts on Friday (eek!). I’m excited about this project. It’s different from my usual New Adult Romances–it still has a college setting, but I’m playing with my vampires again. As in, the vampires that come after Daemon. Remember Xylorcia’s Gift, my short story? That universe. Except it’s a little different now, but not? I’ve had this story in my head for over twenty years (yes, I realize that puts me in middle school–I probably was in middle school when I first started developing these characters since that’s when I started truly writing). I figure with all of my adult knowledge, this story will finally come out–and I can’t wait for everyone to see the final project. In a couple years, probably. Because, as is the reason for this entire post, grad school.

I’ll be posting updates weekly for NaNo, so be on the lookout for that! Also, are you participating too? Let me know! You can add me as a NaNo buddy as Angelic_Demon.

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