Whoa! It’s been a while. Here’s an update.

I bought a house, finished a book that is releasing in May, and another novel is on sale right now on Kindle!

I have been stalling on updating this blog because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to move it to my official author website or continue updating this already-established blog. I originally started working on it more for class purposes, and so I waffled back and forth for an entire year on what to do with it, even though I started using some techniques I learned during my eight-month long internship with Cupid’s Pulse. I have also gone back to work at Maximus Federal and have gotten a position as a dual Customer Service Representative. I’m obviously keeping this blog. I’m going to make a commitment to update once or twice a week. I’m in my planner today, making a schedule. There might not always be updates either—it depends on what I have going on in both my creative and personal life.

So, what have I been up to?

I bought a house. I’ve been a homeowner for an entire year now. It’s strange but wonderful at the same time. And I really enjoy not paying rent. It has amped up my creative flow since I now have less stress.

I graduated October 1,2020 from Southern New Hampshire University with my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Professional Writing certificate. Then I panicked because I would no longer be getting student aid refunds and went back to the one place which has always been reliable for me: Maximus. I will continue working as a dual CSR until I can find something better. What’s important right now is that I have financial security until I can find something closer to my field. And $500 bonuses for being a dual don’t hurt, either. I’m still pinching myself over getting promoted this time in about four months of going back to the company.

My thesis, and consequently my seventh book, will release on May 3rd. You can preorder Crumbled Bliss now.

Crumbled Bliss Cover

Also, this month Head Over Hoof is on sale for $0.99. You can click here if you want to order a copy. Also, I’m working on a tentative version of Cynthia Lesiker’s side of the novel—and consequently the first woman in Aidan’s life before he met Bri. I’m laughing so hard at myself because I never plotted this novel when I first wrote either it or Head Over Heart.

Head Over Hoof Cover

I’m challenging myself to finish the first draft of the next book in this series by the end of March. I haven’t actively started working on it yet this morning since I still need to read parts of the books and decide which direct scenes I will rewrite in Cyn’s point of view, but it is entirely from her point of view, since she has a relationship with several men in the novel. Cyn has a slow burn toward her happily ever after—so much so that she is going to have two books.

Just know that I am excited about my upcoming projects, I am doing well, and I may have spoilers for you from Crumbled Bliss and Cyn’s book in the coming months.